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A postscript to the story about troubles in the House of Lampre-Ngc:

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, team manager Giuseppe Saronni told his riders that they could not participate in any of the post-Giro criteriums. Saronni is not happy about the lack of results from the team during the Giro and said that he would prefer to see his riders out training to prepare for their next objectives than travelling around Italy for the crits. “Instead of wasting time and hours of sunlight to ride at night, we prefer to concentrate on preparing for our many upcoming objectives,” he said. The criteriums are typically held at night for more optimal partying.

Of course, the riders make significant money in appearance fees by “racing” the post-Giro criteriums, so Saronni’s edict is not without conseqences. Damiano Cunego had planned to make six appearances, which would have brought him close to €20,000.00 in fees.

Memo to Lampre riders: Start winning. Today.

  1. Fred Marx #

    bad racers.. no dessert. not surprising really, why grant play time if the homework obviously wasn’t done?

    7 June 2009
    • Gavia #

      Going to bed without supper ;-)

      I’ve never really heard of a team doing this before, since it will cost the riders a fair amount of cash.

      Intriguing these Lampre hijinx. Anyway they got a win today at the Dauphiné, so that might help the morale a tad.

      8 June 2009

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