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jen see

I am a girl who has trouble sitting still. I’ve spent my life shimmying my way out of the boxes the world tries to make me fit into.

I learned to swim before I could walk and I can’t remember a time I didn’t play in the ocean. I spent a bunch of years as a swim team girl and I am stupidly competitive – games, no matter how dumb, races, no matter how inconsequential. You name it, I want to win it. I also raced mountain bikes for a while, because I like to go fast. I live with too many bikes. I currently own more surfboards than vegetables.


I have a Ph.D. in U.S. history. I don’t take shit from anyone – that’s the most useful thing I learned in graduate school. I decided that I didn’t want to be a professor, and I became a writer instead. I only regret this life choice when the checks don’t show up on time. I drink too much espresso. The letters have worn off my keyboard.

I have written extensively about bikes, surfing, and other adventurous things. I am especially passionate about women’s sports and the badass athletes who do them. My favorite stories are about women athletes who have excelled at their chosen sport and learned something significant about themselves along the way.

My work has appeared in a variety of outlets including Men’s Journal, Outside, The Surfer’s Journal, Bicycling, and The Red Bulletin. There’s a special place in my espresso-blackened heart for the quirky and the off-beat, for publications with a sense of humor and a tendency not to take things too seriously.

Contrary to rumor, my byline, Jen See, is my real name. I can fly on airplanes with this name, which is about as legit as it gets. To be fair, there are a few more syllables on my passport, but they’re not that important, really.

Find me on Instagram @iamjensee, or if you’re an editor who is looking to assign, or you just want to say hello, feel free to get in touch.