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Fall rituals. Scarecrow at the pumpkin patch at dusk.

Interbike: A Few of My Favorite Things

I went to the Interbike cycling trade show in Las Vegas. So very many shiny toys. Here are a few of my favorite things. My brother shot the photos. He’s pretty awesome at this kind of thing, really.

Interbike: A Few of My Favorite Things

season’s changing.

So, I’m trying to name a new website, but I’m super the worst ever at naming things. Worst. Ever. It, the website, I mean, is about women’s surfing and snowboarding. Because those things are fun, and I want to write about them. But I need a name. Which is not as fun.  I’ll so totally be your BFF if you name my new website. Words, so hard sometimes. Me, so desperate.

secret spot. yesterday’s writing cave. and no, I had the espresso. what, you were thinking i’m ernest hemingway or something?