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Overheard at the Cafe:
“Is that your single speed?”
“Uh, what’s a single speed?”

Meanwhile, I have spilled many words on the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France over at, which is why the Lint Trap has been a bit empty lately. After much squinting at very cryptic profiles, I have stage previews up for the Tour now too, though I still have four more to write. Sheesh, who makes these profile thingies anyway? The ones for the Giro stages were no problemo, but in France, they seem to have a profound aversion to legible stage profiles. Eh, we persevere.

A second twobluebikes has also shown up. Someone has clearly been feeding them after midnight. Pro Bike racing content is at the other bluebikes. When I get around to it, that is, which hasn’t been lately. Maybe today, since there’s a rest day thingy there in France. Surely there will be gossip of some sort going on.

And I’m really really hoping the flat spell ends soon. I did ride my fish yesterday in ankle high windswell. But I’m not sure that counts.

John finished building his Alaia. A post with photos on that bit of shenanigans coming soon!

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