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Posts tagged ‘weird world’


Somedays when I go out on bike rides, I see odd things. One day, it was shoes. Not pairs, just single shoes. An old athletic shoe at mile 10, a white strappy high-heel at mile 15. Another day, I saw a T-square in the road. Who carries a T-square in their car? And leaves it on the road?

Today’s oddity had a Christmas theme. Fitting, since last I checked it’s almost Christmas. Anyway, I was rolling along the road that runs along the beach, wishing that the beach would suddenly transmogrify itself into the North Shore, and along came a guy with a convertable. It was one of those wee little fast cars, a BMW or an Audi. He was on the other side of the street, and well, I really don’t do cars. Anyway, sitting in the passenger seat next to him, was a giant, life-sized nutcracker. It was red with a white beard and a black hat. And it was sticking straight up out of the car on the right hand side. Since his wooden knees didn’t bend, he sat at an odd angle, tilted backward as if the speed of the car were sweeping him backwards. Woosh.

And there he was, a nutcracker, riding along in an expensive convertible along the beach, which wasn’t the North Shore.

The world is a very strange place sometimes.