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queen steph

It’s the unique burden of women athletes that they have to argue for the existence of their sports. If an event isn’t interesting, critics are quick to jump to the conclusion that women shouldn’t have contests and shouldn’t compete at all. Men’s sports, well, of course, we have men’s sports. Men are considered the default. No one would really argue that men’s sports shouldn’t exist. And yet, it happens all the time with women’s events. No one got barreled? Well, why do they even have a contest of their own. Or at least, so runs the argument. — You can read more if you like!

John Florence Interview: A View from a Blue Moon


I interviewed John Florence about his upcoming film A View From a Blue Moon. It’s produced by the guys at Brain Farm who made The Art of Flight, a scrumptiously beautiful snowboard film. The Florence film comes out this winter. Here’s what he had to say about it at Men’s Journal:

We just made it the way we wanted to make it, you know? It’s everything that I’ve always wanted to do. We got to work with this big camera gear, helicopters. We wanted it to be as cinematic as we could do it.

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As an image and surf nerd, I can’t wait to see the full film.