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So I’m trying to find my fitness. It’s around here somewhere. Has anyone seen it?

It’s always cracks my morale a little to have that not-so-fit feeling. Since having the flu that kept on giving, I’ve been talking myself into riding my way back toward something resembling form. I mean, we’re not talking world beating here or anything, just enough to ride an actual race all the way to the actual finish line. And maybe before sometime next year.

This is always a tricky business, since the less fit I am, the less I want to ride. So I play little games. I pick a few of my favorite roads and string them together. If I ride an hour in that direction, I can go down a fun descent. If I turn up this road and do a little climby climb, I can see a nice view. Come here little girl, I’ll give you some candy. Today, I rode along the coast and looked at the water. Tomorrow, I’ll climb up somewhere and look at the view. All these little games. No numbers, no graphs, just bikey rides around the ‘hood.

Fortunately, spring has decided to show up for a few days. (It’s supposed to rain this weekend, so enjoy it while it lasts.) Riding the bikey in the sun is such a joyous thing. The sun is all sunshiney, the hills are green and grassy, and the flowers all flowery and polleny.

Jen’s tip of the day: Do not attempt to sneeze and corner simultaneously. It may cause disequilibrium.
(Is this a word? It is now.)

Now, if I could just find and silence the nasty creak my bike seems to have acquired recently, it will all be so perfect.

I do not like a creaky bike
A creaky bike, I do not like

I do not like it in the light
I do not like it in my sight
My creaky bike, it is a blight
Oh, tool of Park please make it right

Dr. Suess, I’m surely not
For now my brain is in a knot
With these rhymes I fought and fought
Perhaps I should erase the lot

I do not like a creaky bike
A creaky bike, I do not like