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adventures in the forest


So bike packing, in the rain, in Oregon, is a pretty hard thing to do. But beautiful! And highly recommended, though maybe without the rain part. I think I’d skip the rain part.

I spend three days on the North Umpqua River Trail with Specialized. We rode the Hellga fat bike, went fly fishing, and drank a little whiskey. Hey! It was raining! You can’t go adventuring in the rain without whiskey.

During all these shenanigans, I carried a camera bag. It began to feel like part of my body, actually. Should you need to carry cameras long enough for them to feel like part of your body, Fstop bags are the way to go. They crush, basically.

Also, Goretex socks. If you’re going to go adventuring in the rain, you need Goretex socks. And whiskey.

I made a photo essay for Bicycling Magazine about the trip. Making pictures in the rain in the Oregon forest was not easy! It was really dark! I’ve never shot ISO 25,000 at noon before! Light. I like light.

Anyway, it all worked alright. Read more over at Bicycling!

Women racing bikes

lea davison doing her bike racing thing

“It drives me nuts when companies don’t use imagery of their top female pros. They’re assuming that women are these feeble creatures. I don’t see Venus Williams and think, ‘I’m scared.’ I’m totally inspired by that!” said Davison, whose sponsor Specialized has a long-standing commitment to elite racing and supports three women at the World Cup level. — Step Aside, Boys.

I believe women athletes deserve more media coverage. I believe there should be more images of women athletes that celebrate them for what they do, rather than for how they look.

Sometimes, I get to do projects that are the change I want to see in the world. Thanks to the Brian and Trina at Mountain Flyer.

Needs more big wheel.

I think this might be my new mantra, really. Here’s my second story for Bicycling Magazine on Alberto Contador’s visit to Cali. I liked that the Contador conference room is directly across from the Andy Schleck conference room. Do the chairs and tables come to life at night and race each other around the building? Maybe.

Needs more big wheel.