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Another Roadside Conversion

The other day… No, no, I did not meet a bear.

The other day while I was out playing bikes, I pulled off the road to send off a text message. My headset is pitted, so I can not text from the bike. Or, do anything of the other things on the bike that require two hands. A tad inconvenient.

Anyway, I was chilling roadside making plans with a friend for coffee. j… k… Ld.. Lep… Lets md… medicate… mee.. meet. Autocomplete, so silly. There I sat arduously turning gibberish into words. There must be a better way.

Along came two riders. I noticed them out of the corner of my eye, noting the beat-on mountain bikes, the backpacks, and the white shirts. Commuters, I figure. But then, they stop. Maybe they’re lost, I think.

“What have you done today to bring Jesus into your life?”

I stared back blankly at them. Like, who are you and why are you in my space. And, are you for real? They looked like they’d walked out of a Halloween party.

You are trying to convert me by the side of the road, I think. This is an odd turn of affairs. Surely, text messaging must be some sort of devil’s work. Certainly, lycra shorts are.

“What are you doing today to bring Jesus into your life?” More insistent, this time.

So I said the only thing that came to mind, that is, what I was doing at exactly that moment.

“I’m writing a text message, then I’m finishing my bike ride.”

Nothing like putting action to words. I hopped on my bike and sped off. Sped, being a relative term, of course. It wasn’t exactly difficult to out-run the missionaries.

The road is a strange place, some days.


Today’s ride was thoroughly uneventful. Just windy. I like Spring, except when I don’t. Flowers are nice, except when I sneeze. Wind is fun, except on the bike. And the surf is well… Don’t ask. So much wind, so few waves. I’m paying rent for this?