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I laugh at my bro's camera and invent a new surfing move.

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La Jolla, Cali.

I don’t generally go for the sepia look, but this one worked for me. So I stole it from my big bro. I’m sure he won’t mind. Erm, right?

And while I’m stealing, how about another one?

Gettin’ Shacked in La Jolla. Same spot, same day.

See more here. Photos copyright Christopher See, used with permission.


Welcome to my new site. It’s so… white. And shiney.

Here you will find all sorts of gab about cycling. Really, whatever strikes my fancy on any particular day. Some news, some commentary, some translatin’… well, right. All sorts of stuff about cycling.

Because what the world really needs now is another blog about cycling. Well, maybe not. But it’s my party and I can write if I want to. So there.

Anyway, come on in, make yourself at home. It’ll be fun. Promise.

Photo Credit: Copyright Christopher See. Used with permission, all rights reserved.

Tuesday Truth

Riding the trainer is to bike racing as swimming the pool is to paddling out in a good swell.

Substitutions, while sometimes necessary, are never as good as the real thing.

Where’s my Northwest swell? It’s almost November already.

{taps foot impatiently}

How about another picture, while we wait?

Photo copyright Chris. Used with permission.

Fall Colors

Photo copyright Chris. Used without permission. Hopefully he’ll let it slide this time.