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Women racing bikes

lea davison doing her bike racing thing

“It drives me nuts when companies don’t use imagery of their top female pros. They’re assuming that women are these feeble creatures. I don’t see Venus Williams and think, ‘I’m scared.’ I’m totally inspired by that!” said Davison, whose sponsor Specialized has a long-standing commitment to elite racing and supports three women at the World Cup level. — Step Aside, Boys.

I believe women athletes deserve more media coverage. I believe there should be more images of women athletes that celebrate them for what they do, rather than for how they look.

Sometimes, I get to do projects that are the change I want to see in the world. Thanks to the Brian and Trina at Mountain Flyer.

skinny dipping

We both saw the lake at exactly the same time. We were just riding along, and suddenly there it was, winking at us through the trees.

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Deep Summer Slideshow

Beautiful images. Also, the dog. I loved the dog.

Playing bikes, Tamarancho, Fairfax. Photo: Gary Perkin/Santa Cruz Bicycles.

rock dancing

Noble Canyon was the first “real” mountain bike ride I ever did. And by real I mean, I full-on climb with a long, crazy descent. The first few times my friend and I rode it, we weren’t strong enough to do the climb. So, we shuttled. It was the hugest thing when we finally did the whole ride, bottom to top to top to bottom. And when we learned to clear all the crazy rocky bits. My first time, I rode a steel hardtail with no suspension. I’m not sure I could even do that now. I suppose you never forget. Anyway, if you like playing dirt bikes and you’re ever in the neighborhood, ride this thing. It’s just so fun. Which, is how mountain biking should be.

rock dancing