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One of the most funnest things I’ve ever done in Vegas. And it didn’t involve hookers, blow, or whiskey. Just bikes.

Gavia Goes to Vegas

I went to Las Vegas for Interbike. Here’s a story I wrote about it. Sometimes I write all serious and factual like. This is not one of those times. Enjoy!

Gavia Goes to Vegas

Shane Ferro: On Women and Interbike: Show Up, Show Up, Wherever You Are



There has been some buzz in the last few weeks about women and Interbike — specifically about the sexism presented at the trade show (here, here, and here, if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about). While I’m all for feminism, and for supporting women in traditionally…

Lots to agree with here. I was joking with a friend by the last night in Vegas I felt like putting a paper bag over my head. But that was the fault of the party animal vibe of Vegas, not the bike industry.

The bike people still have some road to travel in terms of gender equity, but it’s definitely getting better. And, I was super stoked to run into so many awesome bike-loving women friends while I was there.

I do think it’s a very good question: Why so few women racing bikes? Why so few women interested in the women’s pro sport? I feel like this is like The Huge Question. Or one of them anyway.

Shane Ferro: On Women and Interbike: Show Up, Show Up, Wherever You Are