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fast times


I finally got around to editing up a collection of photos from dual slalom at Sea Otter. Which was like, months ago. Maybe by some time next year I can catch up on that sexism in cycling thing I’ve heard talk of.

Anyway, this is Jill Kintner shredding it up. Her final run with Anneke Beerten was intense, exuberant racing. Kintner won it, but Anneke gave her a solid run for it.

More images here, if you like. I may have had too much fun blurring things. Oops.

fast times

Brian Lopes recently switched from Ibis to Intense. He finished third.

My favorite image from dual slalom. That’s Brian Lopes doing his rad thing. Slalom is stupid fast and the angles are all wack. I got a little dizzy to tell you the truth. Or, maybe I’m just dizzy. A couple more slalom shots here: Day 3: Way Past Orange Juice

And more shenanigans: Day 4: Downhill Day 2: Little Plastic Cactus Day 1: Dragons Spitting Fire