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Tour de France, Sastre’s Rest Day Presser

Sastre got feisty with the press today during his press conference on the second rest day. “Since Monaco, I have received a lack of respect,” he said. Below, a quicky translation of his remarks. Source is L’É

“When I took the start, I knew where I stood. I repeated during the first rest day that it would be difficult to win the Tour, but neither the journalists nor the organization treated me like I should do it. Since Monaco, I have preceived, not a plot, but a situation in which no one wants that I win the Tour de France, above all among certain riders.”

Eleventh in the general classification after the first Alps stage, Sastre above all regrets the media attention on the duel between Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong, explains L’Équipe. “Since the start in Monaco, and also before, everyone only asks one question: What do you think about the rivalry between Armstrong and Contador and of the fact that you sit in their shadow? This is a total lack of respect.” Adds L’Équipe, according to the Spanish rider, it is this general view that has influenced the unfolding of the race. “You have created a polemic between two riders and excluded the other possibilities. If the race is boring, it is the cause of all of this atmosphere. The course is … Then, you come to see me saying, attack, attack.”

“You have created an idol. Of course, this is a great rider. But you have exactly what you have hoped. If yesterday, I had chased after Contador, one would have said that Sastre lost the Tour to a Spaniard. The media prefers to give out compliments more that to inform, they judge people without knowing them.”

“The Tour is not finished until Paris. But it is necessary to be realistic, it will be difficult. The most important stage for me will be the Mont Ventoux. I want to win it.”