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the stories we tell


I wrote a pair of essays for Adventure Journal about an adventure in the forest. There were bikes. And a mischievous van. Also, whiskey, a thing I highly recommend for adventures. Here is Part 1, about a van and Part 2, about a long trail by a big river.


My friend Ted took me for a bike ride around Utrecht last fall. There were canals. And a cathedral. It rained. Then it didn’t. Then we drank coffee so that turned out pretty well. Also, next year the Tour de France starts in Utrecht, so you should go there. Then you can drink the coffee and see the cathedral just like I did.

Much More Better

I found it. The creak, I mean. Stupid pedal washers.

Now, my bikey is all quiet, which means I have no excuse but to sally forth and train much. Uhhh….

Speaking of finding things, I found a new road today. I mean, I didn’t really find it. It’s been there all along, I just never got around to paying it a visit. It went under some trees up to an empty grassy flowery field with a perfect view all the way to the islands. Then, a twisty little quicky descent to finish things off right. Fun times. File under, new favorite.

And yes, I have a bunch of these flower pics, so I’m going to bore you with them repeatedly. The words just look so lonely without a little piccy to keep them company.

Someday, I might write about bikey racing. But I’d have to go to one first. See above about the training part. I hear riding around off the back of a mountain bike race is pretty fun. But, um, I think I’d rather show up at least a leetle mo’ fitter. I know, I know, no sense of adventure.