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My first love was photography and growing up, I wanted more than anything to be a photographer. I had no idea what that entirely meant in real life, but I figured I’d sort that part out when the time came.

I loved going to the camera shop with the lit-up glass counters and the piles of intriguing gear locked away for safety. I’d send my film rolls out for developing with fingers crossed that something, anything, would come back that I liked. Eventually, I learned to develop and print in the makeshift dark room that doubled as my bathroom. To this day, there’s still a red light instead of a fan in the ceiling fixture. I won a few awards in high school and produced piles and piles of images.

finless-twistingThen I took a few detours. There was college sports and a degree in history and international relations — not the fine art or journalism degree that might have sent me along on a more direct path. Then, an even longer detour in the form of a Ph.D., which had even less to do with cameras and their magic. Along the way, I made plenty of pictures, yes, but not as often as I might have liked.

These days, photography isn’t my only job, but I feel absurdly lucky that it’s one part of my job. I have done print feature work for Bicycling and Mountain Flyer, chased pro bike races in the rain, scrambled through the weeds in pursuit of mountain bike images, and made surf photos in California’s perfect golden light.

I also create custom prints, because no one should have boring walls.

If you’d like to see more of my work, I have a collection of images at Or join me on Instagram @iamjensee, if you like.

If you have a project in mind, I’d love to hear from you!