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Rad Animation

Super cool animation. Paper boy comes to life, rides bicycle, makes hijinx. 

Marianne Vos and the Ronde

I couldn’t believe that Vos had not yet won this race. But it’s true! Sunday was her first time.

Marianne Vos and the Ronde


Marianne Vos talks Firenze world championship courses. “It’s a really hard road race.”

The Weather

Your brain can’t remember pain. Of that I am glad. I don’t miss the pain. I’ll tell you what I miss though, I miss the weather. 

good readings.

The Weather

More Milano-Sanremo

This time, the weather was the Monkey Wrench. It snowed on the Passo del Turchino, and the riders retired to their buses, drove 50 kilometers, and restarted the race. Strange doings. Also, there was a surprise winner. Honestly, you can’t make this bike racing stuff up. 

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