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i forget stuff

Hey hi I am bad at remembering things including it seems, updating my website. Which, I am supposed to have and keep current and whatnot. As I have said before and I will say many times more, I am bad at the things. It’s been almost a year, so why not update it, I said today. So here we are.

Should I tell you some things I wrote about? Sure, you’ll say, tell me all about those things. Let’s just do this listicle style, shall we?

It appears I spent a lot of time in Lemoore at Surf Ranch without ever going surfing. This makes no sense, but who said anything had to make sense in this world. For Men’s Journal, I hung out at the Founders Cup event and dragged my cameras around the 700-meter pool. Also, I wrote about drinking truck stop coffee on the Grapevine along the way. This ain’t a boat trip.

Since once was not enough, I figured why the hell not, I’ll go to Lemoore, again. Here’s what it’s like to drive there. Then I watched the contest and had deep thoughts about style. I think I don’t want to go to Lemoore again any time soon, actually. Twice was enough.

More surfing, because what’s not to like about surf writing. I wrote a print feature about three-time world champion Carissa Moore and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, thanks in part to the very open interview she offered up. “If I’m struggling I want to share that, because that’s me.”

Bikes! Bikes are good. Jeremy McGhee wants to make trails more accessible for adaptive riders. Also, he’s completely rad.

I really love Machines for Freedom and Jenn Kriske’s bootstrap approach to building it. More women’s gear companies owned by women, please! Here’s a short feature on Jenn.

Alright there’s a few of my favorites. Maybe I can do this on the regular? Idk. Things is hard, you guys.

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