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role models

One of my favorite parts of Sea Otter is hanging at the Little Bellas lemonade social. Lea and Sabra Davison founded the group which aims to bring more girls into mountain biking. And it totally rules. At Sea Otter, the Little Bellas cheer at the races and there’s a meet-up where a group of pros answer whatever questions the girls can throw their way. Also, I take notes, because some of their questions are better than mine. There’s also jersey signing and rap battles and hella sweet lemonade. It’s a pretty good time.

  1. Lisa #

    I used to LOVE IT when they came by the Pivot booth, I’d whistle and hoot til I was hoarse!! #moregirlsonbikes

    25 April 2017
  2. Anonymous #

    That’s pretty cool!

    25 April 2017

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