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california things

it’s raining and i have to go to the grocery store so i need to wear shoes but i can only find one.

so i find the other shoe and get in the car but there’s water in the engine and it wants to stall all the time. i can’t drive in shoes.

the light turns red so i take off my shoe, but there’s only time to take off one. so i’m driving down the road with only one shoe, the clutch pedal cold under my bare foot.

the next light is green and the next one, too. when i get to the straightaway, there’s no one around, so i put it in nuetral and finally, i take off my other shoe.

then i’m shuffling in flip flops in the rain to the grocery store. i buy the lettuce and the pasta. i lose the car key and find it again under the grocery bags in the front seat. i don’t know how it got there.

i sing along to the radio turned up loud, driving home barefoot in the rain.

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  1. living on the edge. :D

    9 February 2014

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