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no smoke no fire

so then you’re in the shower and it’s warm the way a morning shower is and you’re shaving your legs and singing along to your internal radio, which thanks to the guys downstairs is set on infinite loop to bob marley

and you wish it wasn’t, but there are worse things to complain about so you just keep singing along have no fear of atomic energy well i don’t really, but whatever bob

and then the smoke detector goes off, because it thinks there’s a fire even though there really isn’t a fire, at least not here maybe down the road somewhere but not here

so you get out of the shower and you’re all wet and naked and everything is slippery and you’re trying to get the battery out of the smoke detector and you tell it that there’s no fire so just fucking shut up already but it doesn’t listen it just keeps shrieking like the world is going to end

which maybe it is but hopefully not right now when you’re naked because that would be embarassing

finally you yank the battery out and you throw all the pieces on the floor and you go back to the shower but it’s not the same so you get out and your towel is all wet because you had to turn off the smoke detector and is this monday it must be monday how can it not be monday

and bob marley is still singing emancipate yourselves none but us can free our minds and you wish he’d stop because you don’t have time for any emancipating you’re just trying to get dressed and get to work and get paid

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