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Robinson Interview

I think that, by the same discipline of introspection, you have access to a much greater part of your awareness than you would otherwise. Things come to mind. Your mind makes selections—this deeper mind—on other terms than your front-office mind. You will remember that once, in some time, in some place, you saw a person standing alone, and their posture suggested to you an enormous narrative around them. And you never spoke to them, you don’t know them, you were never within ten feet of them. But at the same time, you discover that your mind privileges them over something like the Tour d’Eiffel. There’s a very pleasant consequence of that… —Marilynne Robinson interview at Vice.

Marilynne Robinson is easily one of my favorite writers, and she is interviewed over at Vice. Which, IDK. But the interview is good! She talks about books! And writers! And John Calvin. So go read it already.

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