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the very best donuts

my friend and i were talking about donuts today, hostess donuts with powdered sugar, the kind you buy at gas stations and 7-11’s on roadtrips and wash down with tasteless gas station coffee. gas station coffee is the worst coffee, but donuts are a pretty awesome thing, generally.

the very best donuts are winter donuts. they’re the donuts you buy on a cold winter morning when the surf is firing and you want to surf for the whole day. it’s the sprinkles that do it.

the heater in my vw never really starts working until we’re almost to the beach. we sit in the cold car in our beanies, the boards on the old green racks on the roof, and we eat donuts. and they taste like nothing else in the whole world.

the very best donuts come from a shop on the east side. it’s an old building split in half between a thai food restaurant and a donut shop. in the morning on the way to the beach, only the donut shop is open. by lunch time, you can eat pad thai and donuts both, if you like.

i get frosted with sprinkles everytime. and then i go surf. and it’s the very best thing.

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