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So car people, while we were talking, because we were talking, though maybe you didn’t know it just yet. This thing you do. We need to talk about it.

Two-way intersections, you know what those are, right? There’s a road. And another road. And one road has a stop sign and the other road doesn’t. So you only stop on the road that has a stop sign. Seems pretty simple, right?

But it seems like maybe it isn’t. Because all the time I go to the stop sign and I wait, because you know, the red sign, it says stop, and I always do what I’m told.

But then, you come along. And you don’t have to stop, but you do it anyway. And you think oh, hey, I’m going to be all nice and stop even when I don’t have to so that girl on the bike can cross the street. But actually, it’s not nice and you’re totally doing it wrong.

Because you know, other cars. There are some. They’re on the road, too, just like you. And they’re on the other side of the street and they don’t have a stop sign like you don’t have a stop sign. So they aren’t thinking about stopping. They’re thinking about going. And if I go when they’re going? I’ll get run over.

So that thing you do where you’re thinking you’re doing a nice thing and trying to let me go across the road by stopping when you don’t have a stop sign? That thing really isn’t nice at all. Because I could ge run over. And I really don’t want that. 

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