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File Under: Stinging Rebuke

This is one of Joe Lindsey’s better efforts, which is a wordy way of saying it’s pretty awesome. Lindsey nails dead on the way the talking heads in the mainstream media have gone off the rails in their “analysis” – and I use that term reluctantly – of the Armstrong case.

I have on several occasions set out to write something on the Armstrong story. And I routinely encounter people in real life – yes! it exists! real life! – who want to talk about the case and who frequently parrot the lame formulations about how it doesn’t matter that Armstrong doped and what are you going to do, give the results to the second-placed rider? Everyone else doped too! So, there shouldn’t be a case! Or so they keep trying to tell me.

These arguments, they just give me The Fury. And they give me the fury, because of their total lack of engagement with the basic facts of the story.

I mean, I get it, the original reporting on the 99 samples case was in French! And French is hard! But you know, just about every relevent part of this lengthy sorry saga is available in English. In quintuplicate!

So, really, it’s either lazyness or malpractice to avoid talking about things that actually happened and to fall back on stupid platitudes about everyone doping and the results don’t matter and well, anyway, Armstrong did something good for cancer, so the doping isn’t a big deal.

People! Doping is a big deal! This is the kind of thing that gives me The Fury.

And Joe just nailed that shit to the wall. So you should go read it now.

File Under: Stinging Rebuke

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