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An ethics lesson about paying for art

This is worth a read if you are interested in art, music, writing, just about anything creative in this digital world. The narrow issue is about downloading music without paying for it. But it succeeds in making some wider claims about the challenges of the internet and technology to the ability of people who create to receive compensation for their art. Not just music, but also writing, photography, and visual arts, too.

The existential questions that your generation gets to answer are these:

Why do we value the network and hardware that delivers music but not the music itself?

Why are we willing to pay for computers, iPods, smartphones, data plans, and high speed internet access but not the music itself?

Why do we gladly give our money to some of the largest richest corporations in the world but not the companies and individuals who create and sell music?

Read it, pass it on.

An ethics lesson about paying for art

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