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Evelyn Stevens Interview and Extras

I had the chance to interview Olympic hopeful and World Cup race winner Evelyn Stevens of Specialized-lululemon. Which, yes, that was cool. I think she’s the first U.S. woman to win a World Cup race since Kristin Armstrong won Ronde van Drenthe. Calling trivia experts to the women’s racing phone! 

Two extras that didn’t fit into the story:

If you’ve been following Stevens’s story for a while, you’ll know that she is a good luck charm girl. She has her lucky sports bra, lucky hair bands, lucky quilt, lucky bracelet. She said she carried all her good luck charms Flèche Wallonne, and if you look at the photos from the race day, you can see her black hairbands on her fingers. Stevens said her lucky charms remind her of her friends and family, icons of home that she carries on the road.

Stevens also does advocacy work with Transportation Alternatives in New York. She is a big fan of using the bike not only for racing but also as a way of life, and she wants to support the New York cycling community who helped her get her start on the bike. In Boulder she has a single speed she uses to jam around town. 

I live on a really steep hill. And the other day, I had a bunch of groceries and I had to walk up the hill. It was kind of embarassing. I started to paper boy, then I had to get off and walk. 

Stevens: Winning on the Mur de Huy. Still working on the Grocery Race. Next up for Stevens is the GP Gatineau races this weekend, then the Exergy Tour in Boise. And of course, she’s hoping for good news when the Olympic team announcement comes out at the end of this month.

Evelyn Stevens Interview and Extras

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