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Rooster Crossing

When I was a mountain bike racer, I used to stuff my pockets full of food and extra tubes. And a chain tool. Always a chain tool. And out I went. Up the hill, down the hill, up the other hill. Just go.

And you see weird things on the long, hard rides. One day I was on my way home after too much climbing and too little food. A car pulled up next to me at the stop light. The people inside, they looked so clean, so comfortable. I looked over, the passenger side window was open, and there in the cup holder sat an unfinished Big Gulp. And I wanted that Big Gulp so bad.

This story from Bill Strickland about riding the entirety of Paris-Roubaix reminded me of those rides. It reminded me of the strange things you see out there on the bike. And it reminded me of how, if you stay out there long enough, you start to lose your mind a little.

Why did the rooster cross the road? What might those people have said if I’d reached in the window and grabbed their Big Gulp out of the cupholder? 

Maybe I should have been writing more then. Maybe I should ride more now.

Rooster Crossing

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