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Evie Stevens Interview

I had the chance to interview Evelyn Stevens for while I was at the Specialized-lululemon camp. She’s crazy exuberant about bike racing.

Stevens has also spent the off-season pushing her limits and challenging herself to learn new skills. It was fun to hear her talk about riding the track for the first time and learning to mountain bike.

Her talent has made her a good rider, her willingness to push her limits could well make her a great one.

We also got to talking about tips for new riders and she said she is super picky about her saddle. Like, princess and the pea picky. So Stevens tells me, laughing, I want to start a saddle company someday. I’m going to call it the Happy Pink Taco. 

When I laughed in the middle of the coffee shop while transcribing that comment, people only stared at me a little. They’re used to me by now, it seems.

Evie Stevens Interview

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