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somewhere along the line you decide that maybe you should act like a grown-up and keep your house clean.

so you sweep the kitchen floor and you vaccuum sometimes. you learn that cleaning the toilet is the best cure for writer’s block ever invented. the sheets are clean and the towels are fresh. sometimes, you even buy flowers at the farmers market. it’s all rather nice.

then one day it rains. and rain makes mud and mud is irresistable. you have take your mountain bike out because mountain bikes and mud are pretty much just like chocolate and peanut butter: the best fucking combination of things anyone could possibly imagine.

so you go out there and ride the bike and you splash through the mud. because mud and mountain bikes. you just have to.

then you come home and your bike is muddy. you still don’t have a garage like real grownups do. so you wheel the bike into the living room where all the bikes live. there’s a whole stack of them, the road bike, the grocery bike, the mountain bike. all stacked up against the wall.

and now there’s mud in your living room all over the carpet, that carpet you vaccuumed not that long ago with the old yellow hoover vaccuum. it’s heavy, that vaccuum. and now there’s mud all over the floor.

and you think maybe you’re not as grown up as you thought you were. and you think maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.

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