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best thing

so the thing i like best about bike riding is the weird things you see when you go out on the bike. weird things by the side of the road, weird things on the sidewalk, weird things in the cars. weird things.

today i went out the bike, because really, why not? it was a scrumptious day and bikes are the best possible answer to a scrumptious day, except maybe surfboards but that’s a whole different story. if i strip the wax off my shortboard will it be flat forever? probably.

i stopped at the stoplight on the main street of town, that should be called main street, but isn’t. way to be unhelpful city fathers and mothers! this guy comes running out in the cross walk. he’s holding a camera and it looks expensive.

he’s standing in the middle of the road, which isn’t a very big road, and turns and starts firing off frames. i look behind me, like what is he talking photos of, maybe just the street because sometimes people do that because it’s a cute little street.

but no, he’s not taking pictures of the cute little street, he’s taking pictures of me and quite a few of them at that. and really, i can’t figure out why. i’m just a girl riding my bike, which isn’t a very fancy or unusual bike, it has two wheels just like any other bike.

the light changes and he’s still firing. zip, zip, zip. cameras don’t click anymore, they make a sound i can’t really describe. and now the cars are starting to honk and he’s still shooting.

then he says thank you. and goes running off down the sidewalk. so now i’m famous because i’m going to be in someone’s photography class project. or something.

the world is weird.

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