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An Interview with Marianne Vos

Yesterday, while I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop working on my interview with Marianne Vos, one of my friends sat down at the table beside me and asked me what I was working on. So I told him. I’m writing a story about a bike racer. Then, I told him what she had won. I told him how Vos won road racing world championships in 2006, and how she won four world championship titles in cyclocross, and two more world championship jerseys on the track. I also told him about how she won a Gold Medal on the track at the Beijing Olympics. His eyes got wider and wider. Then I told him she is still only 24 years old. He nearly fell out of his chair. Yes, Marianne Vos is very fast on a bike. She’s pretty funny off the bike, too. And focused. She’s going to win a lot more races before she’s done, that’s for sure.

An Interview with Marianne Vos

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