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Hey! Car People!

Stop being stupid! If you don’t have a stop sign, don’t fucking stop!

See, if I’m on my bike, waiting at the stop sign, it doesn’t help if you stop and try to let me go if you don’t have a stop sign. You are not the only one on the road. There are other cars too! And they may not stop! Because there’s no stop sign! So I can’t just go! I have to wait.

Pedestrians, they can do that little inch off the curb thing and see if the other cars stop. On the bike, there is no inch, there is only go. Stop. Go. The other cars, who aren’t stopped like you, may not see me, if I go. If I go, and the other cars don’t stop, it makes a bad thing. Two objects, trying to occupy the same space, this isn’t good. Especially for the smaller object. This is called physics! Please, learn about it!

So stupid car people, don’t be stupid! If the sign doesn’t say stop, keep driving! And I, on my bike, will stop when the sign says stop and wait until you’re gone. Then, when there’s no cars? I will go. And we will all live happily ever after. The end.

  1. Geoff #

    It’s like you wrote this for me. Thank you very much. (Now how do you get them all to read it?)

    8 July 2011
  2. Hello there! Useful blog post! Please keep us posted!

    28 July 2013

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