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My Big Bro is a kickass photographer. We shot a few photos at my favorite beach. Mom likes photos. Those model chicks, they earn their pay, what with all that looking beautiful and making sweet hot love to the camera.

Me, I just can’t stop laughing.

Lately, I’ve been working on my surfing. Surfing and working, those two words really do not belong in the same sentence.

This weekend, I invented a new move. I call it the Inverted Booty Trip Head Stand. It’s pretty fucking awesome. Those pro dudes thinking they’re all bad ass with their rodeos and their alley-oops and backside whatnots. I got the Booty Trip. It works best in cold water. You know, so that you have to wear booties. Funky surf with a tendency to do the unexpected at just the wrong moment is optimal. It’s easy, really, just paddle hard, and don’t forget to trip. Trip fall, here we go again.

Thanks to the Booty Trip, I have a nice new pressure dent in my board. It goes well with the elbow pressure dent and the fist bump pressure dent and the ohmigod set wave duck dive death grip pressure dent. Booty Trip Head Stand pressure dent. You know you want one.

I so totally meant to do that. You’re laughing with me, right?

  1. rwsee #

    nice new site! do i delete the others now?

    2 May 2010
  2. gavia #

    this is the only one i’m going to update :-)

    2 May 2010
  3. Hahaha! Hilarious.
    I like the new digs.

    8 May 2010
    • gavia #

      Since you’re coming back to Cali, you too can learn to trip over your booties :-)

      Thanks, was time for a change. Not quite done, but yeah, with Giro on, it may stay undone for a bit. D’oh!

      10 May 2010

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