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The Great Pumpkin

Quite some time ago, I went to the pumpkin patch to fetch some pumpkins. This adventure occured before Halloween when one naturally needs to acquire orange squashes for the purpose of carving. So I went to the pumpkin patch owned by a family who has farmed here since the 1860s. Not only did they have pumpkins, they had old farm tools. Rusty farm tools, with wheels and cobwebs and whatnot. I happened to have my happy snapper along, so I took some snaps.

See the full gallery.

  1. ~Alissa #

    Nice! I love nature – and all that stuff. Did you carve them? Got snaps of that?

    18 November 2009
  2. jen #

    Oooh, yes, I totally forgot that I have pics of the carved pumpkins. D’oh. I think they’re still in the camera actually. I try to remember to post. You know, in time for thanksgiving.

    18 November 2009

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