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My blog, she needs a name.

I’m really not very good at names, but I’ve been thinking hard.

Since I usually lag at the writings – call this the cycling version of Slow Blogging – I tried some slow titles. Too bad Slow Twitch is taken. I’m very slow twitch. Off the Back. True, I am off the back, but I feel certain someone has used this name before. Like, many times.

How about bike parts? Spokes, those always show up in titles. Or hubs. The Hub. A bit generic, no? Bottom bracket. Heh, heh, she said bottom bracket. Q-Factor, obscure, and sounds too much like the doddy old gentleman in James Bond. Saddle-related terms sound metaphorically too much like doormat. I am not a doormat.

Heh, this naming thing is a serious problem. In the meantime, I’ll just give it a different name every day. A virtual mood ring. Today, I am tranquila.

In other news, I have not yet seen Paris-Roubaix. Did I mention I am slow? I did finally watch Gent-Wevelgem, though, which was like last year in internet time. All that rain, so very Belgian this year. I never really think of Liguigas as a cobbles team, but between Manuel Quinziato and Alexander Kuschinsky have ridden all over the front of these races. Sean Kelly… Who’s that? Edvald Boasson Hagen doesn’t know much about history. But with legs like that, does he need to? I’m going to say no.

Maybe next year in internet time, I’ll write something about Paris-Roubaix.


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