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La Jolla, Cali.

I don’t generally go for the sepia look, but this one worked for me. So I stole it from my big bro. I’m sure he won’t mind. Erm, right?

And while I’m stealing, how about another one?

Gettin’ Shacked in La Jolla. Same spot, same day.

See more here. Photos copyright Christopher See, used with permission.

  1. teamwelliver #

    Sweet pics!

    1 December 2008
  2. jen #

    uh-huh. big bro shoots good, eh? :-)

    1 December 2008
  3. The Fred Marx #

    The “old guy” has a beard to his belly button, and locks to the back of his knees. Toss in the 9’6″ (i think he said) and he was just begging for a pic and then the sepia. He paddled straight outside into the double overhead on that thing. He was really easy to pick out even 100 yards out. Too bad he was way beyond my 200mm. Surf was too crumbly to be “epic” but big enough to be cool.

    2 December 2008
  4. The Fred Marx #

    oh and it was that hazy, misty, foggy….. I how I love post.

    2 December 2008
  5. jen #

    That dude is there all the time. At least, he’s been there whenever I’ve cruised by.And yes, shooting surfing requires some big glass. Sad, but true.

    2 December 2008
  6. The Fred Marx #

    yes must end the quest for the big glass…..

    2 December 2008
  7. jen #

    Hint: 300 is not enough for most spots. Just sayin’;-)

    2 December 2008
  8. jen #

    Or, maybe just enablin’ ;-)

    2 December 2008
  9. The Fred Marx #

    yes but 300 f/2 plus 2x teleconverter = 600 f/4 and is cheaper by far than 600 native. Just sayin…. Now stop making me crazy with toys that santa will not bring. There was a dood at the shores Sunday sporting 800mm or more……. and it was only Wind and Sea surf club and two others.

    2 December 2008
  10. lauren #

    VERY pretty!

    5 December 2008

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