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Flipper Feet

I went to the pool yesterday, and as I strolled along the pool deck contemplating the bizarre combination of tan lines I currently sport, an older gentleman walked up to me. Nice guy with a big smile.

“Size ten?”

I look at him confused.

“Your feet,” he says.

And then, he looks at me more closely, and realizes that I’m not who he thought I was. He explains: There’s a woman who swims here, and she kicks really fast. She said it was because she has size ten feet.

He thought I was the woman with the size ten feet who kicks really fast.

Well, I’m not The Woman. But I do have size ten feet. And sometimes, I kick pretty fast.

Silly swimmers.

  1. ~Alissa #

    Do you wear your wedding ring? All the time?

    21 November 2008
  2. ~Alissa #

    And now that I think about it, maybe that’s why I don’t swim so fast. I only wear a nine.

    21 November 2008
  3. jen #

    LOL, definitely a yes on the wedding ring, even in water :-) Long arms, big feetz. Total swimmer monkey.

    21 November 2008
  4. MB #

    Size 12. Unfortunately, all that means is that I splash about like – and move about as fast as – a paddleboat.

    21 November 2008
  5. jen #

    You’re probably missing the monkey arms. Which isn’t a bad thing.

    21 November 2008

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