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Fall Colors

Photo copyright Chris. Used without permission. Hopefully he’ll let it slide this time.

  1. The Fred Marx #

    Why thank you. A fan!

    11 October 2008
  2. jen #

    lol, totally :-)i liked the crows on the fence, too. i might steal, erm borrow, that one in the future…

    11 October 2008
  3. The Fred Marx #

    feel free to have at the black birds.. it was a real triumph to get the little f&$#ers to sit in t a line that way.. LOL.

    12 October 2008
  4. Ippoc Amic #

    another leaf has fallen…so you can read: French, Italian, Dutch…what else? Nice scoop.

    13 October 2008
  5. jen #

    lol, thanks :-)french, italian, german, spanish is doable, dutch is eh, getting there. sadly, no scandinavian languages, danish would be fun :-)

    13 October 2008
  6. marscat #

    i took a similar pic this weekend except mine was blurry, kinda dark and not as colorful.

    14 October 2008
  7. The Fred Marx #

    mars..I have lots of those too. Fortunately jen only picks the good ones…

    14 October 2008
  8. marscat #

    hey Fred are you from SB?

    16 October 2008
  9. jen #

    Fred is in Utah. Those be Utah leaves :-)Me, I have tons of dark, blurry ones. Don’t we all?

    16 October 2008
  10. The Fred Marx #

    mars.. as Jen said Fred (alias of course.. but I’ve been using it for so long…) is in Utah. San Diego brat originally.

    16 October 2008
  11. marscat #

    okay, i knew a fred marx from sb who I also knew as a kid…

    16 October 2008
  12. jen #

    really? you knew a real fred marx? did he ride bikes? so funny.

    16 October 2008
  13. marscat #

    yes, i knew a fred marx…i think he may have ridden a bike.

    17 October 2008

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