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Still Life

Still Life with Fruit Bowl, #5.

The Virga, she is smiling. We just might need to re-stock the fruit bowl soon.

* *

A friend of mine is a digital artist. Lovely stuff. She recently went to a big conference thingy with other digital artists. One of the best pieces? RealSnailMail.

Real snails will collect your message and carry it to the drop off point, at which time it will be delivered. Average time from pick-up to delivery? 8-16 days, depending on how speedy your snail happens to be.

Oh, and there are currently 7000 messages cued for delivery, so it might take a little while. Speed, so totally over-rated.

Want to meet the artists? Head over to NPR and hear an interview.

Brilliant, really.

  1. ~Alissa #

    Me love smarty arty-pants schtuff. I think we already employ snail mail technology here at the cubicle ’cause stuff that rationally should take a day for a healthy bureaucrat to do takes for.ev.ah.

    20 August 2008
  2. The Fred Marx #

    I think that’s funny as all h&%@

    20 August 2008
  3. jen #

    lol, totally. I thought of you, alissa, instantly, when I saw the SnailMail. So awesome.

    21 August 2008
  4. jen #

    oh, and take a wander through < HREF="" REL="nofollow">here<> for a little eye joy.

    21 August 2008
  5. ~Alissa #

    Oooooo. I like the neon brillo pads!

    21 August 2008

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