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For Sale!

Because three wetsuits is too many!

Triathlon Wet suit by 2XU. Designed for swimming fast.

Model: C:1, clicky to see tech specs and size info.

Size: Mens Small/Tall. Fits 5’9″ to 6’0″, 141-159 lbs, according to size chart.

Brand new, tags still on, never been wet.

Asking $200.00

Shoot me a maily, if interested.

  1. meh-wee-uhn #


    24 July 2008
  2. jen #

    i had to get another lightweight to surf in. so i don’t need another one for swimming :-(

    25 July 2008
  3. Fred Marx #

    But one can never have too many wetsuits… One must be able to accessorize… Right? Image is everything after all… – smirk –NOT!

    25 July 2008
  4. meh-wee-uhn #

    Maybe wetsuits are like bikes?

    26 July 2008
  5. fred narx #

    <>Maybe wetsuits are like bikes?<>nah one can never have too many bikes… I know J&J have a few as do I ….

    26 July 2008
  6. jen #

    so many bikes.wetsuits? all black, all neoprene. not much accessorizing to be had.

    28 July 2008

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