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Dear Supermarket Bagger People,

Thank you for bagging my groceries. Because really, I couldn’t possibly do it myself. But please, when I give you MORE THAN ONE cloth bag for my groceries, do NOT stuff all my groceries into ONE BAG. There’s a reason I have MORE THAN ONE. If I wanted my avocade squished under my bottle of Chianti, I would only give you ONE BAG. But I don’t. And I don’t want my fancy-shmancy organic lettuce crunched under the olive oil bottle or the soup cans. Really, I don’t. When the time comes to crunch the lettuce, I’ll be the one doing the crunching. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Love and kisses,

Oh, and that race in France, pretty fun, eh?

  1. Lyne #


    15 July 2008
  2. jen #

    si.very maintenance :-)what are you doing here? aren’t you s’posed to be over at that other place? i’m over there commenting up a storm, just for you…

    15 July 2008
  3. The Fred Marx #

    The young ladies who bag at <>our<> market never squish my avo’s… They are very good and cute to boot. <>Very<> young, but cute, none the less… ;-o

    15 July 2008
  4. The Fred Marx #

    Oh I wanted to mention that I find it very funny that the poor folks still residing at’s Pro Racing Forum are lifting the gossip columns verbatim.

    15 July 2008
  5. jen #

    si. this is funny. but i do not have the heart to tell him not to do it. it’s the nice french guy, who sometimes sends me interesting stuff. so, i let this go.cute = good. squished avos = bad.

    15 July 2008
  6. marscat #

    we have so many bags but forget to bring them….question: if you had to stay at a motel 6 would you stay at the one on 3505 state street or the one near Goleta?are they both awful?

    16 July 2008
  7. jen #

    i’d go for state street. why? there is a fab bakery right near there called janine’s where you can get coffee and yummy things in the am. or in the afternoon. or just about any time. there’s also a good dive bar in those parts, if you have the need ;-)

    16 July 2008
  8. jen #

    meant to say, both bakery and dive bar are walking distance. key, that.

    16 July 2008
  9. marscat #

    oh good, i switched res. it’s the only place i could find that wasn’t like 200 a night and that too kitties.

    16 July 2008
  10. jen #

    st babs in summer = moneyglad you got in :-)

    16 July 2008
  11. marscat #

    we’ll hook up for a ride with mee-wee-uhn and you

    17 July 2008
  12. Anonymous #

    Can you believe someone stole one of my cloth-like bags right out of my cart? I saw the MF standing in line with my bag and the smugness on his face. It said “try to proove this is your bag.” Oh! I was peeved but I had the punks with me and couldn’t say what I really wanted to.Um, anyway, good luck with that squished avo. You can always make avo salad dressing, just like back at the staff house.~Al

    17 July 2008
  13. jen #

    salad dressing, yes. this is good.they stole your cloth bag? what kind of heathens live down there anyway?!

    18 July 2008
  14. Ippoc Amic #

    a dive bar? who do you take us for…don’t answer that, I bet we will like it.

    18 July 2008
  15. jen #

    who doesn’t need a dive bar?really, certain things are completely essential.

    19 July 2008

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