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¿donde esta?

Calling all locals! I need me a new taco stand in the neighborhood of downtown. Like, east side would be super convenient like. I want to eat decent Mexican food, drink a beer, for not too much money. Help a girl out! I so heart the kids at Los Arroyos. Good food, nice people. But ack, they just went up with the prices again, and really, I just can’t be throwing down quite so much every time I want a taco. They’ll have to be my special occasion taco joint. Eh, I remember back in the day, eating fish tacos and caronas on the sidewalk outside their old wee hold in the wall. So good.

Why does progress have to cost so much money?

Gracias for any and all suggestions!

  1. The Fred Marx #

    I feel the pain young crafter of words… It gets summed up in two words..Tourist Economy.or maybe these, Economicus Suckass Maximus.

    7 July 2008
  2. Velo Bella #

    Michael and I once made a list of the things that were important in any place we lived…and the availability of yummy but cheap taquerias was near the top of the list.Which explains my choice of Seaside and then Watsonville….

    7 July 2008
  3. jen #

    si. cheap taqueria = super key.there are many nearby. but which to choose?

    7 July 2008
  4. Anonymous #

    There are tons of them in Tecate!~Al

    9 July 2008
  5. jen #

    bit of drive, though, you know?

    9 July 2008
  6. meh-wee-uhn #

    I’m going to answer your question (why does progress cost so much $?) with a question of my own: Why do you hate freedom?Ah hahahahahah.I’ve been known to hate progress though (I especially hated it when trying to install a Niterider 26.0mm mount on 31.8mm bars.)

    16 July 2008
  7. jen #

    round hole + square peg = bad, grasshoppah

    16 July 2008
  8. Anonymous #

    Jen, I like your site. Thanks. I like crunchy lettuce too. As for good taquerias in SB, try El Bahio on Milpas. Their carnitas tacos are exquisite. Another choice which has a nice seating area (compared to El Bahio) is Altamirano (also on Milpas). Looking forward to Pozole Friday soon (not tomorrow).-John

    17 July 2008
  9. jen #

    Yay! Thank you John. You are so my hero. Mos’ def’ on ODB, maybe next week :-)

    18 July 2008
  10. Anonymous #

    Just back from ODB. Pro-zole. Where were ya?I see a lot of tacognoscenti at the El Sitio by Jensen’s Guitar in the Ralph’s shopping center on De La Vina.Kim

    18 July 2008
  11. jen #

    awesome, i’ll add it to the list :-)how ’bout next week?john and i were looking for surf. silly fools. nada. period = too short.

    18 July 2008
  12. jen #

    el bajio… so very burrito. yum :-)

    19 July 2008

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