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Time Suckage Maximus

See Ricco.

See Ricco Ride.

Ride Ricco Ride.

See Ricco Crash.


For best results, make sure the sound effects are on. You’ll never work again. Promise.

And if you don’t like Ricco, try this one. It has cows.

  1. The Fred Marx #

    don’t push too hard … should be rewarded for this one, I’m just not sure how……

    2 June 2008
  2. jen #

    lol, so on your team right now ;-)

    2 June 2008
  3. Greg Knowles #

    those are toooo funny! I can’t get past the oil slick.

    3 June 2008
  4. jen #

    lol, i only managed to win once.and i’m definitely not telling how many times i tried…

    3 June 2008
  5. Anonymous #

    Oh hello boss. What am I doing? Well, its complicated…~Al

    1 July 2008

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