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Potato Chip

This is my new toy. It goes, very, very, very fast.

So I took it out to play.

If surfing all day during a heat wave is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  1. marscat #

    that’s cute

    20 May 2008
  2. Ippoc Amic #

    Clever…left is right and right is wrong…andi’s tip for number pinning on Sunday.

    20 May 2008
  3. jen #

    I get the lefts and rights all confused :-PFab ridin’ at Kern, kids!

    21 May 2008
  4. Ippoc Amic #

    ridin’ rocks in the hot sun…we fought the beast and we all won…

    21 May 2008
  5. Ippoc Amic #

    what great pictures on the cycling fans link…who do you like for tomorrow?

    23 May 2008
  6. jen #

    domani… Ricco will definitely try, as Pantani won on this climb before and Ricco is nutty for Pantani. Still, I’ll take Simoni. Contador will also be close, assuming that elbow of his is working. I’m ignoring Levi. This is allowed, right?

    23 May 2008
  7. jen #

    Crap, I screwed up the html tag.Cool photos over on < HREF="" REL="nofollow"/>Look for Guarda le Foto and clicky.

    23 May 2008
  8. jen #

    wow, ok, either blogger or i is totally on crack right now. anyway, you all get the idea :-P

    23 May 2008
  9. Ippoc Amic #

    always allowed

    23 May 2008
  10. jen #

    Is it also allowed to hope he is dropped on the Menghin?Me, I think this should be allowed.

    23 May 2008
  11. The Fred Marx #

    the foto of Paulo handing out samiches is too precious ;)

    24 May 2008
  12. Ippoc Amic #

    Not so fond of contador but looks like he’s a 1:1 right now…

    27 May 2008
  13. jen #

    Si, not such a fan either. Interesting two mountain stages left. Should be some fun racing, whatever the outcome :-)

    28 May 2008

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