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Surfing small waves is hard.

But watching dolphins frolick and the sun set behind the trees turning the water to molten orange is a lovely way to spend the evening.

That is all for now. Blogging here at the Lint Trap may be a tad sparse (or, sparser than usual) for the next three weeks. GIRO!!

  1. marscat #

    no excuse — blogging AND watching the Giro right now.ippoc wants to know what you thought of the TTT

    10 May 2008
  2. Ippoc Amic #

    it’s all good…watching the giro TTT….

    10 May 2008
  3. jen #

    Woohoo! Yay for the Slippies :-)I so love the Giro. Fave race of the year. And I’m bloggin’ Giro, just not here…

    10 May 2008

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