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Not an Angry Girl

Clicky the piccy to make it go. (The embed thingy is brokey.)

Ani D played at the very stodgy theater downtown where Cultural Events take place.

Oddly, they once booked X at this very same venue.

Damage occurred. Uproar roared up.

Who books a punk band to a theater with velvet seats and chandeliers? And columns. The place has columns. Like some sort of Greek mausoleum. Fuck the Patriarchy.
I think I saw the columns shudder.

Ani rocked it hard. So it was all good. And since St. Babs is a small town, the theater for Culture is very very small. You can’t have the plebes getting too much Culture or anything. We had like sixth row seats. Ani said she was scared of farting. Cuz we were really, really close.

Final score: One tranny got (almost) naked. No velvet seats torn.

And no, I haven’t seen Flanders yet. Cuz I just got the download. So can’t wait!

  1. marscat #

    i like Ani…

    8 April 2008
  2. jen #

    her live shows are amazing!

    8 April 2008

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