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Training Wheelz

I gots me a bit of work to do on my turning and pivotting skillz. This is some very serious training equipment right here.


Last time I had a skate, it was pink and I was like ten. Um, this one’s like way cooler and stuff.

And yes, I’ve already totally stacked it.

Today’s lesson, boyz and girlz: Pavement is harder than water.

  1. marscat #

    you are so rad.

    2 April 2008
  2. The Fred Marx #

    oh look you’ve been spammed. you must be someone. you rad sk8er chick…..

    2 April 2008
  3. jen #

    You mean Adam Brown doesn’t really want to meet me?I’m like so totally crushed right now.I’m still more flailing than rad. Backside is the devil.

    2 April 2008
  4. The Fred Marx #

    you do know that when we reach our point in life, theses thin’s that were easy as young’uns ain’t. Right? Isn’t Adam’s engrish godlike?

    2 April 2008
  5. jen #

    Yeah, he types stuff. So hot.The skillz aren’t that much harder, it’s the smackin’ planet that I don’t tolerate so well.

    2 April 2008
  6. Ippoc Amic #

    I have scars on my knees from skateboarding.Did you see Flanders today? It was epic.I would like to see the women though. Do you know of any links???

    6 April 2008
  7. jen #

    Flanders, totally epic.I haven’t seen any footage of the womens’ race around. If they cover it at all, it’s usually just short clips within the mens’ coverage. If I stumble across anything, I’ll let you know for sure!

    8 April 2008

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