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Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

More warm sunshiney roads in the hills.
More spring.
More flowers.
More sneezes.
More is good.

Saturday night, we went to see these guys in Ventura.

Crazy fun punk rock mayhem.

Lots of songs from the early 90s. Even, gasp, some old skool ’80-’85 bits. The kids in the pit weren’t even born for some of those songs. But they knew every fucking lyric to every fucking song.

So cool.

The boys on stage have a little less hair and a little more grey, these days. Never too old to be a punk.

On the subject of badass, this finish has to be the coolest EVAH. (And Italian commentators so bring the passion.)

When was the last time someone won San Remo off a solo move? I mean, I know Coppi did. But that was sorta different. This one certainly ranks up there with the 1992 edition where Kelly went all crazy like on the Poggio and bridged to Argentin. Che bello finale!

  1. The Fred Marx #

    Cance thinks, “To win a San Remo, like I did, I think the last rider to do that was Andrea Tchmil [in 1999]”….. Come on trivia girl, you should know this .. right? ;)

    25 March 2008
  2. jen #

    Yes, Tchmil is the last. Tchmil and Kelly are also the answer to another trivia question involving Cance’s latest exploit. And that question is?

    25 March 2008
  3. The Fred Marx #

    ummm I dunno you’re the well spring of arcane knowingness (look! I made a word too)… I’m just, well, me.. ;)

    25 March 2008
  4. jen #

    knowingness. works for me ;-)Answer? All three doubled Milano and Paris-Roubaix in their careers. I’d have to look around to know just how common that double is. Methinks not especially, though it can’t be as bizarro as the Paris-Tours and Lombardia double.Mmmkay, ’nuff geekin’ with the trivia for me…

    25 March 2008
  5. marscat #

    that’s the coolest pic…green is my fav color

    25 March 2008

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