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I found it. The creak, I mean. Stupid pedal washers.

Now, my bikey is all quiet, which means I have no excuse but to sally forth and train much. Uhhh….

Speaking of finding things, I found a new road today. I mean, I didn’t really find it. It’s been there all along, I just never got around to paying it a visit. It went under some trees up to an empty grassy flowery field with a perfect view all the way to the islands. Then, a twisty little quicky descent to finish things off right. Fun times. File under, new favorite.

And yes, I have a bunch of these flower pics, so I’m going to bore you with them repeatedly. The words just look so lonely without a little piccy to keep them company.

Someday, I might write about bikey racing. But I’d have to go to one first. See above about the training part. I hear riding around off the back of a mountain bike race is pretty fun. But, um, I think I’d rather show up at least a leetle mo’ fitter. I know, I know, no sense of adventure.

  1. Marco Fanelli #

    Yeah, the pics are nice and all… but you MUST tell me where this “new” road is. I <>need<> to know! I’m bored with all the same old roads.

    15 March 2008
  2. jen #

    Ack, it’s not <>that<> exciting, I’m afraid. Just a different way to get back downtown from Gibi/Mt Drive. At the reservoir, go straight on Hillcrest, turn right on Franceschi. Climb over the ridgeline, see the Park, descend down to Mission Ridge. Swoosh down to the Mission, or drop down again to the APS and swoosh down to the East Side. Another current fave for both climbing and descending is Loma Media off the APS.I’m in the Riviera nabe there pretty oftenlike – I like me some “rolling repeats” between the 192 and Mt Drive, which tend to end up around those parts.

    17 March 2008
  3. marscat #

    <>I might write about bikey racing. But I’d have to go to one first.<>i’m with you there…

    17 March 2008
  4. Ippoc Amic #

    Me too! Pretty flower…keep em coming.

    18 March 2008
  5. jen #

    There’s still lots of bikey races left, right?! I just wouldn’t want to get too much of a good thing.LOL, I think I have a few more flowers stashed away.

    20 March 2008

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